Move Out Night

The annual move-out/in is soon upon the campus community and I am excited to publicize the first real organized effort to help students who are with out a place to sleep or store their stuff between leases.

With a host of sponsors lead by UW’s Student Government, ASM, MOVE OUT NIGHT aims to provide a safe, fun place to stay and is also coordinating places to store belongings.  The Student Acticity Center at 333 East Campus Mall will be open 24 hours on August 14th and 15th, with plans of free food and entertainment. Check out the Facebook event for details as well as MOVE OUT NIGHT’S own twitter page!

I want to give a shout out to ASM on this one, way to show some much needed leadership! Special thanks to Hannah Karns who contacted me a while back about Move Out Night and also to Katy Ziebell who seems to be the point person, so contact her for more information at or call ASM at 606-265-4276. Here are the details courtesy of the ASM website:

Capacity and Building Information

  • The 3rd and 4th floors of the Student Activities Tower at 333 East Campus Mall will be open 24 hours beginning Friday August 14th at 10am and will continue until the building reopens at 10am on Saturday August 15th
  • You must have your student ID to gain entrance to the building.
  • The SAC will lock down at 12am, no one else will be able to enter or re-enter, you can leave however if you have a different place to stay.
  • The SAC has an official capacity of 269; get there early so you get a spot! There will be 80 lockers available for small personal item storage, and you must provide your own lock.
  • The SAC is a University building and thus no alcohol will be allowed.
  • If you are found to be intoxicated UWPD will ticket you and ask you to leave the premises.
  • Again, UWPD will be present. Be smart and make good decisions!


  • Lots 7 (Grainger); 83 (Fluno Center); 91 (Kohl Center) will be FREE to students that show a UW ID. (Lots 7 and 83 will be open from 12:00 noon August 14 to 12:00 noon on August 15. Lot 91 will be open from 10:00 am August 14 to 12:00 noon August 15.)
  • Park at the Kohl Center if you have a trailer or tow behind apparatus, if you simply have a car/truck/van park under Grainger or the Fluno Center
  • Lots will be patrolled by students, UWPD, Per Mar and special events staff throughout the night

Please lock all items in a vehicle and do not leave any valuables inside


  • Bagels from Einstein
  • Coffee, night time snacks and other breakfast items from Tallard Apartments
  • Popcorn from the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board
  • Misc items will be covered by Campus Area Housing


  • Raffle with prizes provided by Business and Downtown Information, University Bookstore, more to come.
  • Free water bottles from WeConserve and Campus Area Housing.
  • Student Organizations will also be holding events throughout the night.
  • ASM will be sponsoring a movie.
  • The Dean of Students will attend and an appearance from the Chancellor is pending.


ASM, Transportation Services, VIP, Campus Area Housing, Admissions, UWPD, Office of the Chancellor, ODOS, Tallard Apartments, WeConserve, SAFEU, Einstein Bagels, Wisconsin Alumni Student Board, UBS, the Downtown Neighborhood, Capitol Neighborhood Inc.


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